The Perks Of Climbing

The Perks Of Climbing

Be it on great mountains or on giant rocks, climbing goes way beyond strengthening your physical health (e.g. your arm muscles and leg muscles). It also goes way beyond conditioning your mental health (e.g. your survival mindset and also your rational mindset). It even goes way beyond preparing your emotional health (e.g. your resolved feelings and even your unresolved feelings).

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the perks of climbing:

It allows you to see the world in a new perspective.

Mountain Sky Climber Mountain Climber Landscape

There’s just something about mountain peaks that will definitely make people want to climb it again. And no, it’s not just about finally reaching the top after a few days of climbing. And also no, it’s not just about finally resting at the top after a few days of non-stop action. It’s also about seeing the world in a new perspective – what was once so far is now within reach, what was once just up high is now at eye level. And if you’ve brought a spotting scope, along with a tripod like what’s on, you’ll see the world for what it truly is: a rare gem full of scenic views, as well as tranquil waters and fertile lands or even wild forests.

It allows you to experience the world in a different way.


Climbing a mountain is not just about what you’ll experience when you arrive at its peak. It’s also about what you’ve experienced before climbing up. It’s also about what you’ve experienced while climbing up. It’s even about what you’ve experienced after climbing up. You’ll also experience the world in a different way – where you’ll not only realize the value of keeping yourself healthy and fit to endure hours of getting active, but also understand the real importance of Mother Nature in everyone’s lives. Even more so, experiencing Mother Nature is probably the best thing about climbing. It will not only make us see things as they truly are, but also make us experience things as they more than what they truly are.


Climbing goes way beyond our physical health, as well as our mental health and emotional health. It’s also about seeing the world in a new perspective and experiencing things in a different way – both of which tells a lot about the perks of climbing: a remarkable memory that will last for years to come.

What do you think are the perks of climbing? Share your thoughts with us below!

3 Climbing Getaways for the Bucket List

3 Climbing Getaways for the Bucket List

There’s a long list of places I want to go for a climb that includes the Andes in Peru and Costa Blanca in Spain. It would be fair to say that I’d probably not be able to see every single one of them much less discover new heights that I still don’t know about. But the idea that there are still many left for me to explore only deepens my desire to conquer as many as I can. Here are some of the climbing destinations that are on top of my travel list:

Banff National Park, Canada
Banff National Park in Canada is one of the world’s most beautiful places to go for a climb. The place lures not just adventure seekers looking for more climbing routes. It’s also a perfect getaway for anyone who’s looking for the most scenic spots imaginable. I’ve seen photos some of my friends brought back from their mountaineering and rock climbing adventures in the area. Each provided a glimpse of the scenic landscape’s splendor. I can’t wait to explore some of the alpine, iced, and rock climbing routes amidst a backdrop of incredible scenery.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Climbing the peak of Africa’s tallest mountains is right on top of my must-do list. Located at the northern part of Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro draws thousands of climbers every year. Reaching the peak is not easy feat. Many fail at the attempt. But the trek to the summit is just part of its appeal. It is said that the unbelievable scenery throughout the journey makes every step to this spectacular part of Africa an unforgettable and worthwhile experience.

Mount Everest, Nepal
Climbing Mount Everest has always been risky. The earthquake in Nepal in 2015 further underscored the dangers climbers face. If you ask me why I’d still want to climb it despite the risks, I’d probably answer as George Mallory did — “Because it’s there.” Mount Everest represents a seemingly insurmountable challenge given my current level of skill and experience. It’s something I want to experience for myself – to discover how far I can push myself and what personal limits I can smash through in the process.