Tools You Need for Mountain Climbing

Tools You Need for Mountain Climbing

Oscillating toolJust as you need oscillating tools to cut, grind, polish, rasp, sand, scrape, and saw, the following will help you climb and conquer mountains! With these, you can be a climber and a hero!



  • Warm clothing – Climbing can get really cold, which is why you need long sleeves, jackets made of wool or a waterproof jacket, hiking pants (thick pants will do), and thick socks paired with climbing shoes. For your head, you’ll need a cap or a head scarf that can keep your head warm and protected plus a head torch to guide you in the dark. For your hands, you’ll need gloves. It’s best to invest in a pair of waterproof gloves, because they can keep you safe from both the cold and rope burns. You’ll need sunglasses for your eyes as well. Also carry extra socks for a good night sleep.
  • ChocolatesHigh energy food – You have to feed yourself at some point! Mountain climbing isn’t all about climbing. You can’t climb if you’re not energized so you better bring sweet foods like chocolates and energy bars. Bringing biscuits and nuts is a must too.
  • Water – You don’t have to bring a gallon for your activity. Just bring enough. Perhaps two liters a day would suffice.
  • Insect repellant and sunblock – These two will protect your skin from bites and heat. After all, the mountains can be full of unfamiliar insects whose bites can infect you. It’s better to be safe. You might need lip balm to keep your lips moisturized too.
  • Plastic bags – You’ll never know what you need from the rain. Besides, they’re convenient when you want to take home souvenirs from the mountain trip.
  • Waist pouch – It’s difficult to bring your backpack and everything you have with you when you climb. A handy bag can, therefore, do the trick. You can keep the most important things with you such as your phone and your raincoat for an emergency.
  • First Aid KitFirst aid kit – Be sure to bring sterile bandages, Band-Aids, gauze pads, safety pins, cotton balls, needles, scissors, and even a thermometer. Don’t forget to bring medicine tablets for the most common types of sicknesses like flu, headache, and stomach aches. Your kit should also include ointment, alcohol, and a small towel.
  • Toiletries – Bring your shampoo, toilet paper, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste.
5 Climbing Artists Worth Your Follow on Instagram

5 Climbing Artists Worth Your Follow on Instagram

Are you a climbing enthusiast like me? Then you’d love these artists who transfer the beauty of nature to paper! Get inspired by following their painting and drawings on Instagram.

  1. @stxbrooks – Stephen Brooks is a painter who has a natural talent. He makes art using wax, primers, spray paint, and anything he could use just so he could duplicate what he saw from his adventures. Talk about resourcefulness! Hailing from California, this guy grew up close to the mountains thanks to family camps. Check out his Instagram and feast your eyes on the various ways he has presented mountains!

  2. – If you want to see vivid paintings of landscapes using acrylic paint, you’ll love Rachel Pohl’s feed. She makes all Montanan people proud with her dedication to painting. This adventurer expresses her delight through her art and she sure is good at it.
  3. @drawntohighplaces – This lady is obviously attracted to mountains, climbing, and everything in between. Her drawings and paintings are creative, inspiring, and relaxing. Her love for painting outdoors is visible on her Instagram feed.

  4. @climb.draw – This account by Hamdi Abdullah is full of modern paintings and drawings that will show you what you can do with the correct painting materials, especially if they’re from Painting Properly. Hailing from Indonesia, this guy’s account is a gallery that will leave you in awe. He definitely knows what he’s doing! His account will make you want to trek and climb as soon as possible.
  5. @lizzydaltonart – If there’s an Instagram feed that will inspire you to think outside the box, it’s going to be Lizzy Dalton’s. She’s a climber who passionately expresses feelings through her work. Her paintings will make you feel more connected to nature in a creative way. Totally worth your follow.

Check out how one group united painting and rocks for the sake of friendship in this link.

Fun Activities To Do While Climbing Mountains

Fun Activities To Do While Climbing Mountains

Climbing mountains is usually daunting, especially for first-timers. The idea of having to climb places you’ve never been to before can be really overwhelming.

But you know what?

Climbing mountains is unusually delighting, even for first-timers. The idea of having to explore places you’ve never been to before can be really exciting.

Even more so, here are some fun activities to do while climbing mountains:


mountain-climbingThis will be, no doubt, a fun activity you’ll truly remember. You see, climbing mountains is not just about witnessing amazing views beyond sea level. You also see, climbing mountains is also about witnessing amazing things such as birds flying high up in the sky. All you need is a binocular, just like those seen on, which can also be used for hunting food. Which leads us to the next item…


And no, it’s not about hunting food by preying on endangered species and other wildlife creatures. But yes, it’s about hunting food by gathering natural ingredients from herb bushes and even fruit trees. And yes, it’s also about hunting food by using what’s only available right in front of you. This will allow you, and your entire group if possible, to raise more awareness on the importance of compassion for other living things. You see, all those scenic views will be deemed useless – especially if we are found to be unqualified to protect our environment.

BONUS: Trekking With Your Dog

Believe it or not, dogs may be the greatest friends you will ever have when climbing mountains. They will not only be there to support you, but also be there to cheer you up. They will not only be there to accompany you, but also be there to bond with you. Moreover, trekking with your dog promotes growth and development – not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Furthermore, trekking with your dog promotes health and fitness – not just for your dog, but also for yourself.

ANOTHER BONUS: Finding More About Yourself

mountainClimbing mountains, to be honest, is never complete without finding more about yourself. You will not only realize how wonderful Mother Nature is, but also realize how wonderful you truly are – not just for climbing mountains, but also for embarking on a journey that only few people can truly appreciate and going on a journey that only few people can truly experience.

Indeed, it’s about the climb.

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