5 TED Talks to Watch on Outdoor Adventures

1. Andrés Ruzo: The boiling river of the Amazon

And the thing there is, we define significance. It’s us. We have that power. We are the ones who draw that line between the sacred and the trivial. And in this age, where everything seems mapped, measured and studied, in this age of information, I remind you all that discoveries are not just made in the black void of the unknown but in the white noise of overwhelming data.

In this fascinating talk, geoscientist Andrés Ruzo shares the story his grandfather told him when he was a young boy. It was a tale that later inspired him to take a journey into the Amazon in search for the boiling river. He provides a glimpse into the nature and mysteries surrounding the river and the subsequent studies he made to better understand it. One of the best takeaways from this talk is how there is still so many amazing things out there that remain to be discovered and explored.

2. Caroline Paul: To raise brave girls, encourage adventure

I’m not saying your girls must be firefighters or that they should be paragliders, but I am saying that we are raising our girls to be timid, even helpless, and it begins when we caution them against physical risk. The fear we learn and the experiences we don’t stay with us as we become women and morphs into all those things that we face and try to shed: our hesitation in speaking out, our deference so that we can be liked and our lack of confidence in our own decisions.

The idea that girls are less adventurous than boys is just one of the many prevailing gender stereotypes out there. But for former firefighter now best-selling author Caroline Paul, encouraging girls’ sense of adventures is one of the best ways to raise brave and confident women.

3. Dame Ellen MacArthur: The surprising thing I learned sailing solo around the world

When you’re a child, anything and everything is possible. The challenge, so often, is hanging on to that as we grow up.

One of the greatest things about outdoor adventures is the learning experiences that can be mined from them. For circular economy advocate Dame Ellen MacArthur, sailing solo around the world is a thought-provoking and transformative experience. In this TED Talk, she shares her experiences and the insights she has gleaned along the way.

4. Lewis Pugh: My mind-shifting Everest swim

And when you’re walking up the mountain to attempt to do something which no human has ever done before, and, in fact, no fish — there are no fish up there swimming at 5,300 meters — When you’re trying to do that, and then the bodies are coming past you, it humbles you, and you also realize very, very clearly that nature is so much more powerful than we are.

Coldwater swimmer Lewis Pugh is no stranger to swimming in extremely cold conditions. He has even swum in the North Pole, a feat not many have tried. In this video, he talks about his epic swim on Mt. Everest and the lessons he learned from it.

5. Matthew Childs: 9 life lessons from rock climbing

Fear really sucks because what it means is you’re not focusing on what you’re doing. You’re focusing on the consequences of failing at what you’re doing because any given move should require all your concentration and thought processes to execute it effectively.

Matthew Childs shares life lessons he learned from 35 years of rock climbing. This talk offers inspiring insights that applies to all aspects of life. It will also change the way you view challenges and difficulties in life.